7th Annual Race for the King

Join us for the 7th Annual Race for the King!
Posted on 02/12/2018
Logo RFTKWhen one considers the word "legacy', a portrait of someone who has influenced many and reached an advanced age comes to mind. Figures that leave a legacy are often thought to perform great feats or lead gigantic organizations, but another type of legacy exists: one that is left by somebody that makes a lifelong impression simply by striving to do what is best for everyone and caring for all around them. Coach Kyle King left such a legacy. Even before losing his life in a tragic automobile accident, at the young age of twenty-six, Kyle had begun to build a legacy by loving unconditionally and investing 100% into every student and team member. 

 Under Kyle's careful guidance, students became lovers of history and extremely capable athletes. Coach King inspired a generation of Ferris ISD students to go to college to become teachers and coaches. More importantly, through instruction and example, Kyle taught his pupils to be quality human beings. His positive impact will benefit students and athletes thoroughout our state for years to come.

 $24,000 has been awarded to Ferris ISD seniors thanks to the generosity and participation of the Ferris Community. We are proud to continue Kyle's legacy and help college dreams become reality. Won't you please join us? 


The Race for the King Committee