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Ferris Independent School District


Ferris ISD District Administration

Ferris ISD is located in northern Ellis County, just south of Dallas County. The district stretches over 80 square miles and encompasses the cities of Ferris, Red Oak, Lancaster, Palmer, Ennis, Waxahachie, Rockett, Bristol, India and Trumbull. Ferris ISD has a student enrollment of approximately 2,700 scholars and a dedicated staff of approximately 500.

Students of Ferris ISD benefit from a rich history of academic and extracurricular achievement and enjoy community support in all activities. From STEM labs to ball fields, from the band hall to the ag farm, and from robotics to theater, we promote exploration and celebrate the pursuit of excellence in every child.

We also pride ourselves with being a “District of Opportunity” which provides our students with the reality of finding a passion for the future which does not exist before their discovery.  Ferris ISD invests in our students and staff by supporting their development and learning opportunities.