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Ferris Independent School District

Our Mission & Vision

In Ferris ISD, we understand the vital role education plays in the strength and vitality of our country; and we are committed to providing our students with educational and extra-curricular opportunities that will foster their growth and development.  From the classroom to the gridiron and from the band hall to the ag farm, our Yellowjackets are sharpening their skills to compete on a world stage.


FISD recognizes the complex challenge of empowering students to succeed in a world of unprecedented change, a world where our graduates are filling jobs that did not even exist when they entered high school. We are committed to embracing that challenge. FISD is a family, a community, a team; and we dedicate ourselves and our resources to providing every child with every opportunity to become more tomorrow than even they imagined possible today.


Ferris ISD is a technology-rich school district with classroom instruction and extracurricular opportunities designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving; and inspire students as they work collaboratively with their peers.


  • Students First
  • Dare to Dream
  • Broadened Horizons
  • Integrity
  • Passion and Pride
  • Nurture
  • Together with Families
  • Commitment
  • Exemplify High Expectation


  • Given the right opportunity, every student can blossom.
  • Our students are appreciative of the opportunities afforded them.
  • Respect, honor, and pride will mark our path.
  • Family and Community engagement is essential.
  • Strong leadership and exceptional teachers are the bedrock of success.
  • Instructional excellence is founded on a professional, motivated, and passionate staff that understands, embraces, and serves our diverse population.
  • Individuals support what they help create.


  • Communicates effectively
  • Possesses the critical thinking skills necessary to excel in higher education, technical school, armed services, or the workforce
  • Exhibits a keen sense of respect for others, personal integrity, and desire to serve their community
  • Adeptly utilizes advanced technology tools to accomplish tasks
  • Intrinsically motivated
  • Commits to being a lifelong learner