Open Enrollment and Transfer

What is Open Enrollment?
Open Enrollment is a program that allows children who do not live within Ferris ISD’s boundaries to apply for enrollment in Ferris ISD schools.  Applications are accepted June 1st to September 30th for the upcoming school year.  Applications for the current school year are accepted November 1st through the last day of February.  Transfer applications are closed from March 1st to the end of the school year.

What grade levels are eligible for Open Enrollment?
Student applications will be accepted for 1st through 12th grades for the 2022-2023 school year.

How does Open Enrollment work?
Parents of children living outside of Ferris ISD’s boundaries must complete an online application. Once the completed application and all required additional documentation are received, the Assistant Superintendent will evaluate everything and determine whether the student’s application will be approved.  Transfer students can only be accepted when space is available.  Ferris ISD is a growing district, and students residing inside the district's boundaries must be enrolled first.  For this reason, admissions decisions are typically made in August and may be made after the school year has begun.

Is there a tuition charge or fee?

No. Students who are accepted will attend school at Ferris ISD at no charge.

Where can I get an Open Enrollment application form?
The Open Enrollment application for interdistrict transfers is available during the enrollment process. When enrolling online, step 5 forms titled “2022-23 New Open Enrollment Application” please complete every step from that form. Applications will be accepted beginning the first week of June for the upcoming school year. To be considered for admission, the request form must be fully completed and submitted with your students' enrollment. Failure to do so may result in completing all the steps all over again. All required documentation must be attached to the enrollment process or emailed to [email protected]. You may also drop off at our office FISD Student Support Department at 301 E. 5th Street, Ferris, TX 75125. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received if they are complete. The FISD Registration Office will verify the information on the application and ensure all required documentation has been received prior to processing any application. Parents will be notified of application decisions before September 1 each year, or between 5 to 10 school days during the school year.

What are the criteria for determining whether a transfer request is approved?
The criteria for consideration for an interdistrict transfer are explained in detail at Board Policy FDA (Local) and FDA (Regulation). Generally, the availability of space and staff, the student’s disciplinary and attendance history, and the student’s academic standing are all critical factors. In addition, the following priority sequence is to be applied:

  1. Children of District employees working at the requested campus;
  2. Children of District employees not working at the requested campus;
  3. Children of active duty military;
  4. Previous District residents enrolled in the District;
  5. Children of parents residing outside the boundaries of the District, who are not in one of the prior categories.

Will the District provide transportation for my child?
No. Parents of children who enroll through open enrollment are responsible for transporting their children to and from school in Ferris ISD.

Will out of district transfer requests receive priority for acceptance over intradistrict transfer requests?
No. Intradistrict transfer requests will be given priority over interdistrict transfer requests. In addition, the policy and regulations governing intradistrict transfers have not changed. Parents wishing to apply for an intradistrict transfers should refer to the policy and regulation governing intradistrict transfers in making such application.

Once a student is allowed into the District through open enrollment, how long can he or she stay?
After a student is accepted and allowed to enroll in our District, he or she can remain in the District subject to space and capacity availability and compliance with the transfer agreement. Nonresident students must submit a renewal for interdistrict transfer every year in order to remain in Ferris ISD for the next school year. While Ferris ISD cannot guarantee that a nonresident student will be able to remain in Ferris ISD from year to year, the District will make every effort to approve the transfer requests of students who are attending our schools and meeting the criteria for excellent attendance, behavior, and good academic standing. Returning students will have priority over new transfer requests.

What if a student who enrolls through Open Enrollment repeatedly violates District rules?
As outlined in the Ferris ISD District of Innovation plan, students who transfer into the District who do not follow the rules and regulations of the District, including those for student conduct and attendance may have their transfer status revoked at any time during the school year.