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Ferris Independent School District

Career & Technical Education


We inspire globally-minded learners who think critically, create, collaborate, and commuicate.


We create future-ready opportunities for ALL.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Career and Technical Education (CTE) stands as a beacon for students eager to bridge their academic pursuits with real-world career applications. Offering a dynamic blend of specialized training and practical experience, CTE programs empower students to delve deep into industries of interest, from healthcare to technology and beyond. As students engage with hands-on projects and industry-standard equipment, they not only acquire invaluable skills but also gain a competitive edge in the job market. Furthermore, CTE fosters critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving, equipping students for success in both their chosen fields and life. Embracing CTE is a strategic step towards a future filled with opportunities, growth, and accomplishment.


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Programs of study

Discover Our Programs:

Dive into the exciting opportunities we provide to enhance student learning and future success.

student organizations

Join the Movement:

Our Student Organizations, directly linked to CTE, offer unique platforms to practice skills, foster leadership, and network with peers. Dive in and amplify your learning journey!

PTECH - Early COllege

Unlock the Future with PTECH:

Bridging academics and industry, our PTECH program paves the way for students to gain both classroom knowledge and real-world experience. Embark on a journey that merges education with career-ready skills!

Our Staff

Driven by Passion:

Our CTE staff members are not just educators – they are dedicated mentors with a genuine passion for shaping futures. Witness the difference made by a team truly invested in every student's success.

Cultivating CTE's Future with Community Insight: CTE Advisory Council

Ferris ISD invites community members to join our CTE Advisory Council. Your expertise and perspective can play a pivotal role in guiding the direction and growth of Career and Technical Education at Ferris. Collaborate with us, provide invaluable input, and help shape a dynamic, future-ready CTE program that meets the needs of our students and the evolving demands of the industry. Together, we can craft a vibrant CTE future for Ferris. 

Join our advisory council