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Ferris Independent School District

Student Organizations


Empowerment through DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America):

This dynamic program equips students with leadership skills and business acumen. Dive in and join us in molding future entrepreneurs and business leaders, ready to make an impact! 

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Beyond the Game with Esports:

Join our Esports organization where strategy meets skill and teamwork is paramount. It's not just about playing; it's about building critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership in a digital arena. Be part of the future of competitive gaming. 

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Cultivating Leaders with FFA (Future Farmers of America):

Dive into a world where agriculture meets leadership. FFA not only nurtures skills in farming but also fosters personal growth, leadership, and success. Join us in shaping the next generation of agriculture champions!

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Skills USA

Mastering Careers with SkillsUSA:

Engage with SkillsUSA, where students transform their passions into professions. Here, we champion hands-on training, leadership, and teamwork. Join the ranks of young professionals primed for success in their chosen fields!

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Empowering Educators with TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators):

Dive into the heart of educational leadership with TAFE. Our program nurtures aspiring educators, providing them with tools, experiences, and mentorship to shape the future of teaching. Embark on a path to inspire the next generation!

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