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Cultivating CTE's Future with Community Insight: CTE Advisory Council

Ferris ISD invites community members to join our CTE Advisory Council. Your expertise and perspective can play a pivotal role in guiding the direction and growth of Career and Technical Education at Ferris. Collaborate with us, provide invaluable input, and help shape a dynamic, future-ready CTE program that meets the needs of our students and the evolving demands of the industry. Together, we can craft a vibrant CTE future for Ferris. 

Join our advisory council

First page of the PDF file: 20230323-FINAL-In-Demand-Industries

In-Demand Industries

Dive into the top-growing sectors of the North Texas Workforce Development Area (WDA), spanning 11 counties including Archer, Baylor, Wichita, and more. These industries, identified using meticulous analysis and NAICS codes, might resonate with the governor's industry clusters but are also tailored to our region's unique labor market trends. Our selection is backed by rigourous data, reflecting the local importance of each industry. Curious about our criteria or data sources? We offer insights gained from in-depth reginoal labor studies, feedback from industry experts, and the Texas Workforce Commission. Reach out for a deeper dive or visit the Texas Workforce Commission's Website for more on Labor Market Information. 

North Texas WDA In-Demand Industries (Rev. 3.23.23)


First page of the PDF file: 20230323-FINAL-In-Demand-Occupations_1
First page of the PDF file: 20230323-FINAL-In-Demand-Occupations2

In-Demand Occupations

The North Texas Workforce Development Area (WDA) highlights the most sought-after occupations, identified by SOC codes and rooted in thorough analysis across 11 key counties such as Wichita, Archer, Baylor, and more. Our selection isn't arbitrary; it's based on concrete labor market data, showcasing why each occupation is tagged 'in-demand'. Curious about our methodology? It incorporates local insights, regional labor assessments, feedback from academic and industry leaders, and more. For those keen on exploring deeper, data and further details can be accessed through the Texas Workforce Commission, underpinning our commitment to transparency and informed choices. 

North Texas WDA In-Demand Occupations (Rev. 3.23.23)


First page of the PDF file: 20230323-FINAL-Target-Occupations
First page of the PDF file: 20230323-FINAL-Target-Occupations2

Target Occupations

The North Texas Workforce Developmen Area (WDA) introduces 'Target Occupations' — key growth areas selected for investment through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) training resources. These pivotal roles are identified from an analysis across 11 North Texas counties, driving our locally known 'North Texas Works Program', funded by the U.S. Department of Labor via the Texas Workforce Commission. 

How do we determine these 'Target Occupations'? We delve into labor market data, assessing the importance of each occupation in our region, its economic viability in North Texas, and additional insights from industry partners and surveys. Notably, as of March 23. 2023, our focus aligns with ensuring a self-sufficiency wage of $14.26/hr (or $29,660.80 annually) for a single-person household, matching 200% of the U.S. Department of Labor's ecomonic self-sufficiency standards. 

North Texas WDA Target Occupations (Rev. 3.23.23)