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Ferris Independent School District

Federal Programs

Department Information

The State and Federal Programs department is responsible for the coordination and supervision of various federal, state, and local programs. This includes funding and initiatives under ESEA - ESSA; State Compensatory Education, Bilingual/English as a Second Language, Special Education, Section 504, and COVID-related funding under the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan (ARP). We also provide training and program development in the areas of needs assessments, program evaluations, progress monitoring, and district and campus improvement plans.

Ferris ISD State and Federal Grants/Programs Procedures Manual

In accordance with School Board Policy, BP (LOCAL), the Superintendent and administrative staff shall be responsible for developing and enforcing procedures for the operation of the District. These procedures shall constitute the administrative regulations of the District and shall consist of guidelines, handbooks, manuals, forms, and any other documents defining standard operating procedures. The Director of Federal Programs and the Director of Special Populations shall approve this State and Federal Grant/Programs Manual on an annual basis, or as appropriate, if federal, state, or local changes in regulations or policy warrant immediate changes.