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Ferris Independent School District

Guidelines for Screening and Selection

Screening and selection are conducted by a committee consisting of at least three of the following members:

  • Director of Teaching & Learning
  • GT Coordinator and/or Secondary Academic Dean
  • Campus Principal
  • Campus Counselor
  • GT Specialist
  • Teacher

Permission is secured from parents for special testing of students. Testing of students for services will be conducted by qualified personnel.

The assessment instruments to be used in screening may include any three or more of the following:

Quantitative Assessments
  • Standardized, norm-referenced achievement test
  • Standardized, norm-referenced cognitive abilities test
  • MAP Testing Scores
Qualitative Assessments
  • Identification Rating Scales - completed by parent and teacher
  • Creativity Assessments 
  • Students Portfolios
  • Student Interviews
  • Planned Experiences (Elementary)

The screening cycle will begin during the fall semester of each year. Review and evaluation of student data will remain confidential. Upon confirmation of data, approximately five to ten percent of students who demonstrate the need for gifted and talented services according to the Ferris ISD service model using the district-approved matrix will be identified as Gifted and Talented and eligible to receive Gifted and Talented Services.  

Once eligible students are identified as Gifted and Talented, the GT Coordinator/Secondary Academic Dean will notify identified students’ parents/guardians and the campus principal. Principals and parents/guardians will receive written notification. Consent for participation in Gifted and Talented Services will be kept on file at the campus. Participation in the program is voluntary.