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Ferris Independent School District

Referral Process

All Kindergarten students are automatically considered for gifted and talented and other advanced level services. (Texas State Plan 2.0) Students who demonstrate the need for advanced level services will be referred for testing (by a Kindergarten teacher) and consideration for placement into Ferris ISD Gifted and Talented services during the Spring of a student’s Kindergarten school year.

Students transferring in during the school year who have not participated in a gifted and talented program in another district and 1-12 students currently enrolled in Ferris ISD may be referred during the designated referral window in the current school year to be considered for admission services for the following school year. The referral window will open at the end of the first semester and remain open for 30 days.  Referral forms can be found in the office at each campus or online. All referrals should be in writing and routed directly to the GT Coordinator or Secondary Academic Dean.

For students in grades 1-12, referrals may be made by any person familiar with the student’s abilities, potential, performance, or records, such as:

  • Parent
  • Student/Peers
  • Teacher/Administrator
  • Counselor
  • Librarian
  • Community member