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Ferris Independent School District

1:1 Technology Program

Student Using Chromebook

The 1:1 program provides students with access to digital learning resources including online textbooks, creation, communication, collaboration and productivity tools. This program is standard for all Ferris ISD students. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the variety of digital learning resources that they have access to in their classes. 

The goal of our 1:1 program is to empower students to gain the skills and knowledge they need to achieve academic success and prepare them for our ever increasing globally connected society.

The 1:1 program provides a touchscreen Chromebook to every 1st-12th grade student and a ChromeOS tablet for Pre-K and Kindergarten students for use throughout the day. Students will be issued a specific device assigned exclusively to them. Each device will have an asset tag which is scanned and assigned in our inventory system to each student. Students will receive instruction on the proper use and care of their assigned Chromebook or Chrome tablet. 

Opting in

All students are opted in to the program when they enroll in Ferris ISD. Secondary students will take their device to and from school every day. Elementary students will leave their device on campus in a secured charging cart.